Customer Testimonials

We are very excited

Scarborough Electric installed a whole-house 22KW generator for our home. The whole process was easy from the sale to the final inspection. Scarborough took care of everything along the way and delivered everything expected and on time! They knew what they were doing plain and simple. And to put the cherry on top, Roger, Bill and Monica were all very responsive, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. One of the easiest and worry-free contracted jobs I have ever had. I would highly recommend using Scarboorugh Electric for you generator installation. We are very excited to be from from power outages! Thank you Scarborough Electric!


We are so pleased.

From start to finish, our experience with Scarborough Electric was top notch! Roger and Monica were so helpful during the entire process. Roger was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of the questions we had prior to deciding what options were best for us. Once we honed in on what we wanted, he took care of all of the permitting and paperwork. He gave an accurate timeline for the installation as well. On the day of the installation he was very mindful about laying down tarps throughout my house to maintain a clean work area while he did the inside wiring. We were without power for approximately 2 hours while the actual hook up took place. After he was finished, I was most impressed with how it looked at the site where the generator was placed. They installed a very nice brick edging area the generator and filled it in with a stone that compliments the look of my house! I would absolutely recommend Scarborough Electric to anyone looking to install a generator! We are so pleased with the work Roger and his crew did!


Scarborough Electric was courteous and professional

Roger, Monica and Bill from Scarborough Electric were courteous and professional through the entire process of choosing the right product to the completion of the installation of my home standby generator. It is very reassuring when making a purchase of this importance and expense that the contractor treat you as a valued customer. They are very knowledgeable and helped us navigate the entire process. I will recommend Scarborough Electric to all of my family and friends.

-Frank P./19007/08-24-2019.

very professional

very professional and nice to deal with


Impeccable quality and service

Impeccable quality and service. We have utilized Scarborough Electric for all our electrical necessities for the past 26 years. When we decided to purchase a Generac Power System, the answer was quite simple...ONLY Scarborough Electric because of the integrity, workmanship and trustworthiness of Roger Scarborough. He is meticulous in his work and is honest in relaying what needs to be done, expressing knowledge, on-time appointments and all the necessary permits needed to get the work done. We would recommend Scarborough Electric for any contractual electric/generator implementation to be done without exceptions. Roger is the most trustworthy contractor that we have ever used. Expertise beyond expectations. Explained thoroughly whatever we needed to know about our generator.


Generac Full House Generator

Mr. R. Scarborough installed a Generac Full House Generator at my home in late 2018. Mr. Scarborough was awesome! I'm a Sr. citizen, so I always get 3 estimates for anything I want done in or around my home. Mr. Scarborough impressed me immediately(the other two companies I had here seemed only interested in 'closing the deal;, & I didn't get good vibes from them). Roger was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything in detail. Purchasing a generator is not a cheap item, so it's very important to hire the right person. Roger was on time, did exactly what he said he was going to do & was pleasant to work with. I feel he went 'above & beyond" as my install was troublesome due to my property lines. If you are in the market for a generator, please contact him. You definitely won't be disappointed. Also, as a plus, when I called him & got his wife on the phone, she was always pleasant, helpful, & courteous - she was a joy to deal with & made me feel my call was indeed important.


Comfortable dealing with a contractor

I recently had this business install a Generac Whole House Generator, the owner and his staff were remarkably knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. They made sure we understood all the steps on installation including all the local code requirements. They reviewed and ensured we understood all steps of the operation and maintenance of the equipment. they charged a reasonable price and reviewed each item to ensure we understood why and how much the installation would cost. I can honestly say this is one of the few times I have felt comfortable dealing with a contractor and having had the feeling I was taken advantage of.


Excellent Work!

Roger and his team were professional and a pleasure to work with, from start to finish. They have a great knowledge of the product and were able to deliver just what we needed.

-Deb-Dresher,Pa. 07-29-2018.

This is the dealer for you!

Scarborough Electric handled the ordering, scheduling, permits, and installation of our new Generac seamlessly. We have no regrets with this investment and contractor.

-Morrisville,Pa 07-11-2018

Excellent experience

Roger Scarborough was terrific during the entire process from his initial visit for an estimate through coordinating with PECO for installation of our replacement gas line, to final installation of our Generac unit. He was knowledgeable and explained the entire process in detail. I highly recommend Scarborough Electric.

-sab-Yardley, Pa 06-21-2018

Professional, timely, quality workmanship

Natural gas home generator installation. Professional from proposal to final installation. Handled everything from contact with PECO to township permit. All work done on schedule. No complaints. Highly recommend.

-GJH Meadowbrook, Pa. 06-17-2018

Highly Recommend!

We just had Roger install our new generator last week. From start to finish both him and his wife were terrific. They were very professional, knew exactly what needed to be done with permits, etc. We feel very confident that we chose the right company to do the job. We highly recommend Scarborough Electric.

-Cathy-Yardley, Pa. 06-11-2018

Very satisfied with service and product

After deciding that we wanted to go with a permanent generator, I spoke with my neighbor, who recommended Scarborough Electric. Scarborough installed their generator, and I heard him come at 1am for an issue. I knew that he was competent, and responsible. He also gave me a good deal on a trade in for my old gasoline generator, and manual transfer switch. Not even 3 days after the generator was installed, our power went out and the Generac kicked on, it was seamless. I would certainly recommend this dealer.

-wyndmoorlefty Wyndmoor, Pa 05-25-2018

Excellent service; very knowledgable

I really enjoyed working with Roger during the install of my generator. He was able to explain everything. I didn't need to do anything on my end.

-kwl Ambler, Pa 05-25-2018

Great service and professionalism

I just had my whole house Generac installed last week. Roger was very accommodating and made it very easy for me because he took care of having scheduling and licensing fall into place. As for the installation, he arrived on time and completed the job in one day. I would highly recommend him.

-Angi-Fairless Hills,Pa 05-01-2018

With admiration for a wonderful installation!

I would recommend your work to ANYONE, and your attention to every detail is something missing from most work performed these days. You certainly have every right to be proud of anything you put your name on, for the results certainly speaks for itself!

-David & Carol/Bensalem,Pa. 06-23-2018

Scarborough Electric

As a person who has spent most of his life in construction management the question I heard most often other than how do we get the price down? Is who would you recommend? Without hesitation I would recommend Roger. I met him at a home show and what I first noticed was rather then sell me he chose to educate me. Later when I decided to contact him for an estimate, we arranged a day and time and as luck would have it, it was snowing. I fully expected that the appointment would be rescheduled. To my surprise not only did Roger show up but he had surveyed the location for the generator and mapped the logistics before knocking on the door at precisely the time we arranged. His price was as advertised which also included the permits,approvals, and any additional controls. After I signed the contract his performance was just as professional. Great communication, on time, with no additional costs. Extraordinary performance! One day when he was scheduled to work outside it was raining, when I came out of the house I didn't expect to see him; to my shock there he was working under a tent. His sense of dedication to his work and customers is something that is truly commendable. Without hesitation or reservation, I would highly recommend Roger if you are considering a standby generator.

-Mitchell/18929 06/22/2018

Generac Generator

We recently had Roger of Scarborough Electric install a full house generator. We are very happy with the install and service provided and will highly recommend his company to all our friends and family who are in the market for a generator. If you are in the market for a generator please call Roger. You will be happy you did!

-Cathy/19067 06/11/2018

Highly Recommend.

I recently had a Generac generator installed by Roger Scarborough. It was a very good experience because of the professionalism and expertise of Mr. Scarborough. I would highly recommend him.

-Carol/Fairless Hills May 1, 2018

Amazing experience...

I know nothing about electricity so the prospect of installing a generator was daunting. I consulted with Roger Scarborough and I had concerns and questions which he addressed thoroughly. He took the time to explain everything to my understanding. I made the purchase and the install was right on schedule, he was on time and very professional and dedicated to a job well done. He secured the permits, did the job by the book. Mr Scarborough is a pleasant gentleman, very courteous and was considerate of me and my home. This was a stress free experience for me and no worries going forward. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Susan/Fairless Hills, PA. March 3, 2016

This dealer is the bees knees!

After years of worrying about losing power, I decided to invest in a generator, Fortunately, Roger Scarborough was recommended by a trusted friend. I can't say enough positive things to describe Scarborough Electric. Roger does what he says and, when he says he's going to do it. He is knowledgeable, and I know he will back up the product should it require repair. He is pleasant to work with. I like the communication. I know when he will be here and what he will be doing. He is hard working, conscientious and takes pride in his work. I really feel fortunate to have found him to install my generator. I highly recommend Scarborough Electric. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Linda/Fairless Hills, PA. 03-17-2016

Great service and workmanship.

Scarborough Electric did a great job on giving me their estimate for the generator, all parts and service. Total installation from start to finish was just under two weeks including some additional indoor wiring, retaining all local township permits, working with the local township inspectors and patch work to the house for a final touch. And they handle both yearly maintenance and emergency service as needed and they can provide you additional generator running information via email or smart phone to keep in touch of the status of your home or work or on vacation. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Mike/Churchville,Pa 04/26/16

Dear is outstanding.

Scarborough Electric was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. We are satisfied with his installation and would highly recommend him to others. Pleasure to work with. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Walt/North Wales, Pa. 05-22-2016

Professional in every sense of the word

This company is without a doubt customer focused and completely knowledgeable with their product. They are eager to be responsive to their customer, and are very prompt and courteous upon arrival. They are extremely hard working, thorough in explaining every step of the process and completely interested in customer satisfaction and quality installation to meet the Regulatory Code. We would highly recommend this business and look forward to many years of business with them.

-Joan/Bristol, Pa. February 5, 2017

Better than excellent

Scarborough Electric installed my, Generac 22KW, backup generator in Nov./2016. Roger did an excellent job from start to finish. Believe me when I say that I am a very tough customer to please however Scarborough exceeded my expectations. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Charlie/Warwick 2/10/17

Roger is great!

My neighbor recently put the 22k whole house generator and as Roger was installing the generator my neighbor told me that he had done some inquiring on the web and had also spoken to another one of our neighbors who had one and told me Roger was great. Roger does everything from getting township licenses to arranging Electric Company installation of additional gas lines and does the installation. Everything was done for me and all inspections were done and set up by Roger Scarborough. We are completely satisfied and eagerly awaiting the next electric outage so we can display all the lights in our house, no more worries. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Goldie/Huntingdon Valley 6/23/17